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Why Warehouse Location Is so Important

A warehouse is an integral aspect of every supply chain, no matter what the product, however, its location is extremely important too. This is because it can help to reduce time, effort and costs, making your service streamline and beneficial for you and your customers. 

Distance From Customers

The distance from your warehouse, customers and your manufacturing facility is a key factor in establishing the best location for you and business. When considering this, take into account the courier partners you’re using and how much it will cost you and your customers. If you’re manufacturing at a different location then this distance will need to be a factor too.

Although this is an ideal situation, it isn’t always possible and so, if you have to choose between one or the other, we’d suggest being closer to your direct customer base, especially, if you have the capacity to store a lot of items for a longer period of time. 

Storage Requirements

Naturally, your storage requirements are something that is essential to think about in the early stages of planning your warehouse relocation. You’ll need to select a space which meets all your needs including dedicated storage space, production facilities and packing areas too. Obviously, there may also be other special requirements to consider such as cold/warm storage, fire-resistant, extra security, etc.

Transport Network & Carrier Services

Naturally, a strong transport network and equally capable carrier services are essential for any warehouse. Finding a warehouse location with these in abundance might not be easy but it will be worthwhile and it will pay for itself over time.

Other than road transportation, if you’re a business that ships internationally or even within Europe, you should consider railway links and ports. Choosing a location with multiple transportation options is important as it provides you with both long and short term options for diversifying your intake and distribution of goods.


As with every business, your workforce will be integral to keeping your warehouse running efficiently. So you’ll need to choose a warehouse location which has good transport links and is accessible by your employees. 


Over time, your business needs are likely to change and so it’s important to choose a location which you can easily adjust as and when you need. You should consider if the space is flexible and that there is room for you to make any required changes.

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