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What To Consider Before The Construction of Your Warehouse Mezzanine Floor

While it’s true that mezzanine flooring is cheaper than a complete warehouse relocation or rebuild, it’s still a significant investment for the company and their premises. That’s why you want to make sure it’s done to the highest quality the first time around. Thankfully, mezzanines are semi-permanent structures that can be altered to suit changing requirements accordingly, however a good foundation is required.

Here at Doity Engineering, we have over half a century of experience in providing and creating warehouse mezzanine floors for a variety of different customers. We’ve used this expertise to explain what needs to be considered before you consult with an engineering company about warehouse mezzanine floors.


As they say, safety comes first and this is especially important for warehouse mezzanine floors as your employees need to be kept safe at all times. Different features, such as staircases and handrails are essential requirements for warehouse mezzanines, so they will be included by the company designing your installation.

You can also often choose to include other mechanisms to ensure the safety of your staff with features such as smoke alarms, fire protective ceilings and more. There may also be industry-specific requirements that you will need to adhere to. 


Once you understand and have satisfied your safety requirements, you should then consider what you plan on using your mezzanine floor for and what specific requirements this purpose will demand. Once you’ve established this, and how it will benefit your business, it will become easier for the mezzanine suppliers to work around you as all mezzanines are bespoke.

For example, if you’re adding large machinery or a lot of storage materials that equate to a lot of weight, you might want to think about weight-bearing. The mezzanine manufacturer will keep this in mind, but it’s good for you to be aware of this beforehand.



The size and footprint of your warehouse will directly correlate to what warehouse mezzanine you can install. Mezzanines are great for drastically increasing space and in most applications, can up to double your floor plan – adding a complete extra floor.

Before this can happen, there needs to be consideration of the height of your warehouse, ensuring there is enough headroom for staff and also adequate height for any equipment or storage facilities you are making the most of.


Finally, you get to have some fun with your mezzanine floor and decide how it looks and works (to a degree). You have to consider how you want your warehouse mezzanine floor to look before construction begins, which includes such considerations as to whether you’ll have a suspended ceiling on the underside and what colour you’d like everything to be. You will also have the opportunity to choose which type of flooring you need on the top, and perhaps may be able to have a say in the style of the balustrade, as well as much more including specifically designed office space and enclosed staircases.



Now it’s time to look for the right mezzanine supplier to implement all of your considerations and ensure they can get everything right. While you have thought about everything you need, however, the company you work with should be able to add onto this and ensure the optimal mezzanine is installed and that you are happy as the customer.


If you are looking for a professionally made warehouse mezzanine, contact us at Doity Engineering today. We manufacture, design and install the revolutionary Revlok Mezzanine, which renders the need for nuts and bolts useless. This drastically reduces the already short construction times of mezzanines.

You can get in touch with us by either calling us on 01706 646971 or by filling out our online contact form.

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If you’re considering a mezzanine floor for your premises, get in touch with the team here at Doity Engineering. Our team are more than happy to discuss our products and solutions with you.

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