Office Mezzanines

Office Mezzanine Floors

Mezzanine flooring is a great way to add office space to your premises. They offer a flexible space that can be constructed without impacting the structure of the building and can easily be added to, relocated or removed if business needs change. 

office mezzanine floor

Why Should You Add An Office Mezzanine Floor?

Mezzanine flooring is a great option to add office space in industries where space is at a premium, for example in manufacturing or warehousing. Having all of your staff and business operations in the same building not only has the potential to improve communication and efficiency but also represents a cost-saving opportunity as you only need to pay for one premise. 

The fact that office mezzanines are constructed on stilts means that you are able to utilise vertical space, that would otherwise be wasted, without losing the space beneath. Mezzanines are also highly versatile, giving you multiple options when it comes to the layout of your office space.

Adding an office mezzanine floor offers a significant cost saving when compared with alternative options, such as moving or extending premises or adding the cost of a second building.

Office Mezzanine Floor Design 

The first step to adding an office mezzanine floor to your premises is to arrange a free no-obligation survey. One of our engineers will visit you for a site survey where they’ll discuss your requirements and take measurements so that we can provide you with a bespoke design for your office mezzanine. Each of our designs is accompanied by CAD-based drawings that can be used to gain building regulations approval.

Mezzanine floor design plans

Mezzanine Floor Supplier

Not only do we design and install office mezzanine flooring, but we also manufacture them in-house. By manufacturing your office mezzanine in-house in the UK we’re able to offer an exceptionally high-quality product and control lead times to ensure that your mezzanine is supplied on time. 

At Doity Engineering, we manufacture our own revolutionary mezzanine system, Revlok. Revlok is the UK’s only modular mezzanine flooring that carries LABC certification, meaning that it complies with the criteria for building regulation approval. Whatsmore, the Revlok mezzanine floor system utilises cold-rolled steel and an innovative keyhole locking system. This means that the construction process is both quicker and easier.

Office Mezzanine Flooring Construction

When it comes time to install your office mezzanine, the process is quick and efficient. The fact that we use lighter cold-rolled steel and a keyhole locking system, means that we can construct your office mezzanine floor in as little as 50% of the time it would take for a conventional mezzanine to be installed. This process can be undertaken by just two installers using a set of podium steps, which allows us to offer very competitive pricing. 

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