Retail Mezzanines

Retail Mezzanine Floor Company

Doity Engineering is a specialist mezzanine floor company, operating across the UK. Our team utilises some of the latest advancements in mezzanines to provide you with additional space for your retail unit. 

Why Are Mezzanine Floors Well Suited To Retail?

Mezzanine floors are commonplace in retail units across the UK. There is a good reason for this, with retail settings being an ideal environment for a mezzanine floor. In retail, space is at a premium with a balance needing to be struck between displays, storage and office space. 

Introducing a retail mezzanine allows you to nearly double your available space to be able to maximise your sales potential without sacrificing storage or administrative space. The flexibility and temporary nature of a retail mezzanine mean that you can change your mezzanine as your requirements change. 

retail mezzanine floor


Bespoke Retail Mezzanine Designs

Every retail mezzanine floor should be designed to maximise the space in your retail unit. That’s why we offer a free no-obligation site survey to understand your retail space and plan a mezzanine that perfectly fits your space and meets your needs. 

Our team considers every aspect of your design and will provide you with CAD drawings to support your building regulations approval. They’ll also consider how your retail mezzanine will look, as achieving the right aesthetic is important to ensuring the right fit for your space. 

Installing Your Retail Mezzanine Floor

At Doity, we handle every aspect of your retail mezzanine floor project from the initial survey through to manufacture and installation of your mezzanine. Thanks to the use of innovative keyhole locking systems and cold rolled steel, we’re able to install your retail mezzanine using a team of just two installers on podium steps. This allows us to install your retail mezzanine quickly and efficiently, saving you money. 

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If you’re ready to make the most of your retail space by adding a retail mezzanine, get in touch with us. Reach us on 01706 646971 or complete our contact form to arrange a free no-obligation quotation.