Crompton House C of E School

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REQUIREMENTS: Create space in the school library by installing a mezzanine floor.

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Revlok Mezzanine Floor

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Doity Engineering were approached by Tony Hart, Facilities Manager at Crompton House with the possibility of installing a mezzanine floor in the school's library to create additional study space for students.

Doity proposed a bespoke Revlok mezzanine floor which included full 60-minute fire protection, a specially designed staircase to meet the school's needs as well as stainless steel balustrade and toughened glass infill panels.

As the mezzanine floor was in the school's main building, access would usually present a problem, but a Revlok mezzanine floor uses lighter components which enable all materials to be carried by hand to the build area. With its unique design, lighter materials do not mean a compromise in the strength of the Revlok mezzanine floor.

Doity provided a full design package and with the order placed the project was completed within the time frame given by the school.