Formally known as Tiger Rack Shelving

Camshelving shelving is a flexible storage and racking system. It satisfies all European Hygiene and Safety standards, combining strength and ultimate cleanliness. Its unique design matches the requirements of our clients in hotels, restaurants, laboratories, hospitals, clean rooms, food retailing, food processing and much more.

Why Camshelving?






The unique self-stabilising connections on the frame posts make Camshelving the safest and strongest commercial shelving and eliminates the need for cross stays. Each shelf has a 150Kg UDL capacity. Therefore, a standard four-shelf unit has a capacity of 600Kg UDL.

Camshelving is available in four heights, 1500mm, 1600mm, 1700mm, and 1800mm. Twelve lengths from 680mm to 1780mm in 100mm increments, and four depths, 300mm, 400mm, 500mm and 600mm.

Camshelving is also available as mobile shelving with easily mountable castors, two braked and two unbraked to each unit.

The units are ideal in a variety of settings including;

Camshelving Uses

  • Cold rooms and walk-in freezers – it can withstand temperatures as low as –30°C.
  • Wet areas – the polypropylene surfaces are completely rustproof.
  • Laboratories and clean rooms – Camshelving is resistant to most chemicals and impervious to dirt.
  • Hospital applications – including operating theatres where total hygiene is essential. Camshelving is ideal for use with autoclaves where units can be stripped down and exposed to the necessarily high temperatures demanded of hospital cleaning procedures.
  • Hotel and restaurant kitchens, and in the food retailing and processing industry. The shelving is easy to clean and dishwasher safe (for non-moving components).
  • Computer environments – impressive anti-static qualities.


Camshelving storage and racking systems are shipped from our factory in Rochdale, Lancashire in flat-pack form for easy self-assembly. Full instructions are included for every installation, together with drawings and instructions for the positioning of units (if applicable).

No specific skills are required to install Camshelving shelving systems; all you need is a mallet. The polypropylene-coated steel racks slot together tightly and smoothly thanks to the unique Camshelving double-wedge design concept. This creates a highly rigid structure and prevents dirt and liquids from entering the joints.

In addition, the self-stabilising connections on the frame posts make Camshelving among the safest and strongest commercial shelving systems available anywhere. They eliminate the need for cross stays and there’s no need for nuts and bolts.

Units are available in a variety of sizes and they can be configured in a modular way to suit your storage needs. You can add extra racks as required, remove unwanted shelving or easily dismantle individual units for re-erection elsewhere.

For larger Camshelving installations, or when you’re fitting units in difficult areas, our technical team will gladly provide the help you need. In all cases, we can advise you on how to maximise your racking and storage space at the lowest possible cost.

Call us on 01706 646971 for for information on how Camshelving can help with your storage requirements