Mezzanines are semi-permanent structures, which act as an intermediate floor in-between the main floors of your building. These structures are often fabricated from steel beams and columns which are fitted together to make a raised platform. As they can be of all shapes and sizes, they are extremely versatile, cost-effective and require minimal installation time.

Mezzanine floors can be installed in a range of buildings, such as, warehouses, houses, offices and commercial properties, mezzanines also have an extensive range of uses. Whether you’re looking for storage space, an additional office, or a mezzanine in your home, Revlok mezzanine floors are a great option.

Revlok Mezzanine floors are manufactured from cold-rolled steel beams and are a modular structure, rather than being made from structural steel, making them much easier to install. However, Revlok Mezzanines are just as secure as traditional mezzanine floors. The installation also takes less time, with fewer nuts and bolts required for the installation.

Revlok Mezzanine floors are the only modular mezzanine floor in the UK with a system manual approved by government inspectors. This means you can only receive approved modular mezzanine floors from Doity Engineering Ltd.

Before manufacture and installation, Revlok Mezzanines are designed to meet the needs and requirements of our clients. The mezzanine floor is designed with 2D and 3D graphics. After designs are approved, we manufacture Revlok Mezzanines using cold-rolled steel beams at our local facility. Once we’ve completed the design and manufacturing process, our team will begin the installation of your Revlok Mezzanine floors. As our mezzanines are much lighter and easier to install, they require less time and manpower, so you can enjoy your mezzanine floor structure as quickly as possible.

We can amend the design at any time throughout the design and consultation phase, however, once the steel is ordered we generally have to commit to the design. However, we do hold stock, so if something changes and the client does require an amendment, we can work with them to ensure the design suits them.

Generally very little, our surveyors will try and work the design into the building so that we avoid all major obstacles, however, some small items such as alarm sensors may need to be moved. Other points may be raised during the survey but as each building is different these would be assessed individually.

All mezzanine structures should have an application for Building Regulations approval submitted to either a Local Authority or in more recent times a Government Approved Inspector. Doity can handle this application for you and provide the details for the mezzanine floor, other items such as lighting etc can be fitted and signed off by the client and their subcontractor.

Health and safety regulations for each individual client vary and we usually discuss them during surveys and building regulation completions. This is because we have to consider a multitude of things for different buildings, including fire-protective ceilings, smoke alarms, handrails and staircases.

Each mezzanine floor is different and whilst some suppliers give a cost per square metre over the phone, we prefer to speak to the client in a little more detail so that when we present a budget quotation we are able to honour it.

Typically we would arrive on site around four working weeks from the customer giving the go-ahead on the design. Installation time depends on the size of the project.

Doity Engineering are specialists at manufacturing our own Revlok mezzanine floors. Revlok mezzanine floors use cold-rolled steel sections that can be manoeuvred much easier than traditional rolled steel joists. Our mezzanines are manufactured in a way that allow us to use what is called a “keyhole locking system” which removes the need for nuts and bolts by itself. Additionally, our own manufacturing process allows us full visibility over timelines and progress so that our customer service is unmatched by others who outsource this aspect of their company’s production processes.

No! Doity will start the process for Building Regulations approval, however, towards the end of the project when electrical certificates etc are required the client can use the online portal to send these through to the Approved Inspector. Of course, if the client wants Doity to do this we can on their behalf.

Each mezzanine floor that we install starts with a free no-obligation site survey. Our engineers will visit your site to discuss your requirements and your intended application to ensure that we design a mezzanine that will suit your needs.

Approval to start the works can be granted prior to placing the full mezzanine order but the final sign off is subject to all ancillary works being completed and commissioning certificates provided by the contractors.

There are no restrictions on size other than the physical constraints of the building.

Many customers ask this question as they have been mislead by people who don’t answer this several times a week. The simple answer is yes however a rates appeal on the ground floor use as well as the mezzanine floor will generally give the same rateable value overall. Please note that we are not rates or valuation experts so would suggest the client seeks advice form a professional on this matter.

This depends on the size and use, as a rough rule of thumb the following can be assumed:

A mezzanine floor will need to be fire rated if it exceeds 20m in any direction, exceeds 50% of the available floor space, is to be used as a working platform or accessed by the public and if it is enclosed underneath by partitions to form ground floor rooms.

There is bound to be some disruption, however, due to the nature of our product there is no need to clear the area where the mezzanine is to be built, we can generally work around obstacles such as racking and shelving etc. Mezzanine floors built with heavy RSJ’s require clear access for handling equipment such as fork lift trucks.

Additional costs for a mezzanine are generally electrical installation costs such as smoke detection and lighting unless the client is proposing to build offices etc but these are generally known from the outset.

This depends on the use, all office and public access areas will need to be compliant with DDA regulations however general storage areas are fitted with Part K compliant access.

Doity can easily manufacture a two-tier mezzanine floor with a lighter loading capacity per level which allows the building floor slab to cope with the loads involved.







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