Mezzanine Staircases

Mezzanine Floor Staircases

At Doity Engineering, we specialise in designing, manufacturing and installing mezzanine floors. Part of our offering includes mezzanine staircases that provide access to the different levels of your floor.

mezzanine floor installation

Industrial Mezzanine Staircases

Our industrial staircases are perfect for any warehouse or manufacturing premises with a mezzanine floor. They are designed to have all the necessary functional qualities, like a rigid and secure structure, clear access, and middle or top landings for ease of use. Furthermore, we comply with Building Regulations and are ISO 9001 registered with all of our products carry CE markings.

mezzanine floor
handrail with mesh on a mezzanine floor
industrial mezzanine staircase

Commercial Mezzanine Staircases

A commercial mezzanine is about more than just functional space. It’s a place for retail, offices or even an entrance lobby to feel warm and welcoming. Our commercial staircase is an elegant addition that will suit any environment where aesthetics are important. We have designers who specialize in the perfect furniture pieces to match your surroundings so you don’t have a mismatch between your floors and other features. Our experts can also help ensure Building Regulations are met to guarantee the design meets all requirements.

commercial mezzanine staircase with vertical bar handrail
commercial mezzanine staircase with glass handrail
handrail vertical bar staircase for a mezzanine floor


If you are in need of a staircase, give us a call on 01706 646 971 or complete our contact form. A member of our team will be happy to talk you through the process and arrange a site survey. Get in touch with us today.