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Engineering Solution Specialists

At Doity Engineering Ltd, we are a family-owned engineering and design company based in Rochdale. Established in 1956, we initially specialised in crane end carriages but have since diversified to include other products, such as our Revlok Mezzanine floors and Camshelving.

Company Values

We are dedicated to providing an excellent experience for our customers, from initial consultation right through to completion. Part of what has helped us grow since our establishment is a customer-centric focus, ensuring communication, product quality, and price are all unbeatable.

Trusted and Certified

Here at Doity Engineering Ltd, we never compromise on quality and carry out all of our work to the highest industry standards, which helps our customers rest assured that their project will be completed the right way.

We are ISO 9001 registered, all of our products come with CE markings, and every project we work on complies with Building Regulations.

Manufacturers of the Revlok Mezzanine Floor

One of the key products we provide here at Doity Engineering is our own modularĀ mezzanine floor, which is an industry innovation that means we can provide a great product to match our great customer service.

What makes Revlok so special is the design, manufacturing, and installation. We revolutionised the mezzanine floor by rendering nuts and bolts useless thanks to our keyhole locking system. Our installations also utilise cold-rolled steel sections, which are much lighter and easier to handle than traditional RSJs.

A Revlok floor can also be installed in 50% less time than a traditional mezzanine, often by only two fitters with the use of podium steps, which helps to drastically reduce the disruption to your business in comparison to the alternatives.

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If you would like to hear more about any of the products we provide here at Doity Engineering Ltd, reach out to us today by calling 01706 646971 or filling out our simple contact form.

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Camshelving, formerly know as tiger rack, is a flexible storage system. Meets all European hygiene and safety standards, combining strength with ultimate cleanliness. The unique design matches the requirements of our clients in Laboratories, Hospitals, Cleanrooms, Coldrooms and the Catering Industry.


Revlok Mezzanines

The Revlok Mezzanine Floor System is designed to your requirements using the very latest in CAD technology, and is the only Modular Mezzanine Floor System with Local Authority Building Control (LABC) accreditation. Revlok Raised Platforms create extra space for storage, office accommodation or work area's. We are the designers, manufacturers and installers of this unique Mezzanine Floor System.


Travel Drives

In 1956 we pioneered the first individual driven Crane End Carriage that revolutionised the industry sweeping away the accepted method of line drive shafts. This new concept also offered solutions to a host of drive problems in a diverse range of applications and industries.