Storage Mezzanines

Storage Mezzanine Floors

If space is at a premium for your business a storage mezzanine floor could be the ideal addition to your premises. Storage mezzanine floors offer a very economical way of drastically increasing the storage space in your commercial or industrial premises. 

Traditionally, when a business has run out of space the first options that spring to mind are to either move premises, acquire additional premises, or to extend. A storage mezzanine presents an alternative option by allowing you to utilise vertical dead space to create a platform for storage. The fact that these platforms usually sit on stilts outside of the main structure of the building means that they have very little impact on the floor space below. This allows you to use all available space, presenting you with a cost effective solution to your storage requirements. 

Storage Mezzanine Designers

At Doity Engineering, we have our own team of in house engineers who design all of the storage mezzanines that we manufacture and install. Our team visits your premises to complete a survey, taking measurements and discussing your load and safety requirements. You’ll then be provided with a bespoke mezzanine design, complete with CAD drawings to present to building regulations for approval.

doity storage mezzanine floor plans

Storage Mezzanine Manufacturers

All of the storage mezzanines that we supply are manufactured by us at our facility in Rochdale. Our team has developed a unique system that utilises cold rolled steel sections and an innovative keyhole locking system to produce a storage mezzanine system that is quicker and easier to install. 

storage mezzanine manufacture facility

Storage Mezzanine Floor Installation 

Doity Engineering covers all aspects of your storage mezzanine project, including the installation. Thanks to the innovative keyhole locking system, we’re typically able to install our storage mezzanines using just two installers and on podium ladders. The fact that we are able to install your system without a large team of installers and specialist equipment means that we’re able to keep costs down, resulting in a saving for you. 

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If storage space is an issue for your business, give us a call on 01706 646971 to discuss how a storage mezzanine could help.