Mezzanine Floor Installation

Mezzanine Floor Installation

The final stage in the journey to have a mezzanine floor added to your property is the installation. Our team works across the UK providing mezzanine floor installation in various settings such as warehouses, retail units, and offices.

Thanks to our revolutionary techniques in design and fabrication, we are able to construct your mezzanine within a fraction of the timeframe involved with traditional nut-and-bolt systems. Furthermore, we use cold rolled steel sections that can be used by two fitters while constructing your mezzanine flooring system. This allows us to reduce disruption for you when installing your new mezzanine floor!

mezzanine floor installation by Doity
doity mezzanine floor installers working on a new floor

The Mezzanine Installation Process

As the mezzanine floor is bespoke, there are many aspects to take into account with a mezzanine floor installation to ensure the contractor follows the correct rules and regulations and that the customers gets exactly what they are after with their mezzanine floor.

Here are the different stages for a mezzanine installation:

  1. Survey

  2. Design

  3. Approval

  4. Manufacture

  5. Delivery and Installation

  6. Review

The process of installing a mezzanine floor is one that requires a lot of analysis, mathematical precision, and consideration for the client's needs. The beauty of these floors are their semi-permanent nature; they can be erected or demolished whenever it's needed or desired. This adaptability means that the process can change depending on the needs of the customer. To see a more detailed look at the list above for mezzanine installation, please click the button below to see your mezzanine installation process blog post.

To view this process in more detail, see our blog post by clicking here.

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