Revlok Mezzanines

REVLOK Decking

Standard Decking is manufactured from 38mm high-density particle board. This is available with variants including:

  • 6mm Steel Chequer Plate
  • Galvanised Open Steel Mesh Deck

REVLOK Hand Railing

Standard Horizontal Hand/Knee Rails. Also available with Infill Ballustrades and Kick Plates.

REVLOK Load Access

Loading Access includes:

  • Lift-off Pallet
  • Slide Load Gates
  • Up and Over Gates


Access to the RevlokTM Mezzanine is usually made using a Standard Staircase Manufactured to Regulations. Other Access Methods include:
  • Disabled Access Staircase
  • Cat Ladders

REVLOK Fire Protection

Some Mezzanine Floors will have to have this as standard to comply with Building Regulations. Options Include:

  • Full 1-Hour Spread of Flame Fire Protection Including Column Cladding
  • Fascia and Suspended Ceilings
  • Choice of Colours