The Benefits of Pallet Racking

Space is a commodity, and this is true even more so in warehouses because the entire business model is built upon making the most of space and keeping an organised inventory. To be able to do so, pallet racking is an essential requirement – many warehouses have a large footprint but also high ceilings that can be utilised.

Here at Doity Engineering Ltd, we specialise in warehouse storage solutions. One of which being Camshelving, a flexible and hygienic storage and racking system. We use this experience to guide you through the benefit of an effective racking system in our latest blog.


As with anything, safety is an important point of contention and you should always keep this in mind when you are setting up a racking system. Naturally, making sure everything is secure and not stacking too high are the main things to consider.

You also need to think about exit and entrance routes, replenishing and removing items from the higher shelves and best practices for a workflow that reduces the number of collisions and incidents in the walkways between units.


Following on from safety, workflow is the next most important thing to think about and will help to ensure your business makes the most of your pallet racking system. There are many ways to configure your layout to best benefit your business but the main fact of this is to find what works for you. In most cases, the company providing your pallet racking should be able to utilise their experience and know how to achieve this.

Businesses Can Be Built on Warehouse Optimisation

Optimising the operations of your business is not easy, but steps like improving your pallet racking system can make a huge difference after just a little thought and some investment. As we mentioned, there are many businesses that are built on expert warehouse optimisation that ensure their efficiency and excellent service for their customers, so following this blueprint might just help take your company to the next level.

Doity Engineering Ltd

If you want to elevate your pallet racking system, contact Doity Engineering Ltd today to enquire about Tiger Rack. Our systems are suitable for many different settings on many different scales, and we can help your warehouse grow and improve.

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If you’re considering a mezzanine floor for your premises, get in touch with the team here at Doity Engineering. Our team are more than happy to discuss our products and solutions with you.

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