Leading Fashion Retailer Upgrades Bolton’s Marketplace with Innovative Mezzanine Floor Installation by Doity Engineering

mezzanine floor in bolton market place

Leading Fashion Retailer Upgrades Bolton’s Marketplace with Innovative Mezzanine Floor Installation by Doity Engineering

Doity Engineering, a renowned provider of mezzanine floor solutions, has successfully completed a complex project in the Bolton Marketplace shopping centre, enhancing the infrastructure for a leading fashion retailer set to occupy a large unit in the centre. This installation, managed by main contractor Artez Interiors, addresses critical needs for ductwork and smoke extraction within the third-floor plant room.

Project Overview

Faced with unique logistical challenges, Artez Interiors approached Doity Engineering to design and install a mezzanine floor tailored to the specific demands of the project. Steven Knight, a Director at Artez Interiors, reached out to Doity Engineering due to their proven expertise in mezzanine floors, having previously collaborated on several successful projects.

The primary challenge involved transporting all materials by hand up the car park ramp to the third-floor room, making the use of traditional RSJs impractical. The Revlok system by Doity, featuring lighter beams, provided a practical and efficient solution, positioning Doity Engineering as the ideal supplier.

Design and Implementation

Doity Engineering worked closely with the project’s structural engineer to develop a design that seamlessly integrated with the existing building structure. Given the unusual requirement for the mezzanine support columns to align perfectly with the existing building structure on the third floor, precise planning and execution were paramount.

The final design included a cold rolled section mezzanine floor, 38mm anti-slip GRP decking, a 1100mm high handrail, and a full part K compliant staircase. This design not only met the structural and safety requirements but also ensured ease of installation within the site’s tight constraints.

Successful Delivery

An order was placed by Artez Interiors, and Doity Engineering delivered the project on schedule, overcoming the logistical challenges and ensuring the new infrastructure was ready for the retailer’s occupancy. The successful completion of this project underscores Doity’s capability to handle complex installations in challenging environments.

About Doity Engineering

Doity Engineering is a leading provider of bespoke mezzanine floor solutions, known for their innovative approach and commitment to quality. With a track record of successful projects across various sectors, Doity Engineering continues to set industry standards for mezzanine design and installation.

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