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What You Want from Your Mezzanine Floor Suppliers

Mezzanine floors offer a number of benefits to warehouses and business, whether it helps organise all of your materials or allows you to simply store more. Although these storage platforms are both practical and functional, most business owners have never experienced these systems before, so it is up to the mezzanine floor suppliers to make any installation process as easy as possible. In our latest blog post, we explain the step by step process of how a mezzanine floor supplier fits a storage platform into any warehouse or building and outlines what you can expect from these technicians.

As we have discussed in our previous blog posts, mezzanine floor systems are a great way of maximising space and organising all of your materials, yet to achieve all of these benefits, the installation process needs to be as meticulous and thorough as possible. In this blog post, we will outline the steps every supplier should take, from surveying your site, the entire set up process, the correct safety procedures and teaching the owner how to use them safely and efficiently:

Step 1: Survey Your Site

The first step of installing a mezzanine floor system into your building or workplace is to have a supplier come and visit your site. Not only does this allow the mezzanine floor supplier to assess the appropriate size of the platform needed for your building, but it also allows them to plan and prepare for any challenges or obstacles that they may face in the setting up process. It is important to remember that the mezzanine floor suppliers are the ones responsible for installing the platform, so if your building is not suited to these systems and there are a number of obstacles that prevent an easy installation process, then they may suggest another storage option.

It is important that your mezzanine floor supplier identifies whether these systems are right for your business or not. At Doity Engineering Ltd, we will not insist on installing one of our platforms into your building if it is not right for your workspace or building, and this policy should be mirrored by any other floor supplier.

Step 2: Install in a Quick and Timely Fashion

Although the setting up and installation process is relatively quick in comparison to other major installation work, the mezzanine floor suppliers will need to take over the entirety of your workspace in order to fit the platform correctly. Obviously, this depends on the size of your storage platform, but as a general rule, you should account for a couple of days where you will not have access to your place of work while the suppliers install the systems. One of the biggest selling points for mezzanine floor systems is that they can be installed relatively quickly, so make sure your mezzanine floor suppliers conform to this practice and don’t take over your workspace for too long.

Step 3: Health and Safety Procedures

As we have just mentioned, mezzanine floor systems are substantial pieces of apparatus, so it is important that all the correct health and safety guidelines are followed by your mezzanine floor suppliers. Once the storage platform has been installed, it is important that every function of the storage platform is tested and a complete quality checklist is carried out. Follow this checklist and make sure every aspect of your mezzanine floor is safe and secure:

  • Make sure the stairs of your platform are secured properly and do not wobble or feel uneasy when pressure is applied to them
  • Ensure any bolts or screws are tightened as much as possible
  • Apply pressure to the chassis of the storage platform and make sure it is strong and sturdy
  • If there are any storage units fixed onto your system, make sure they function properly and are secured properly and are stable when being used.

With such a substantial fixture being introduced into your place of work, it is important to not compromise on these quality control checks. If any of these steps have been missed by your mezzanine floor suppliers, be sure to contact them and get any issues rectified as soon as possible.

If installed correctly and safely, mezzanine floor systems are a great way of maximising storage within your place of work and can help transform your building or warehouse. Contact Doity Engineering Ltd today if you think a Revlok mezzanine storage platform is perfect for your business.

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