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Things To Consider When Turning Your Warehouse Into An Office Space

Converting your existing warehouse into a comfortable office space is a large task for any company, regardless of size, as there are a lot of things you’ll have to take into account. In order to give you a hand with these, we have created this short guide on what you’ll need to consider. 

What Is The Purpose of This Space?

Before you begin the overhaul, it is imperative to establish a few key things, such as, are you looking to convert the whole space into an office? Or to add a mezzanine which will include a dedicated office area? This will allow for a more versatile space but does reduce the capacity in regards to office space. Depending on your needs, you may need to apply for planning permission. It’s worth planning with the future in mind, especially if you want to add or change certain things in the future. 

How Do You Want It To Look?

By this, we mean every detail, from smaller things such as colour schemes to furniture, wall partitions and screenings. The theme, layout and design of your space can affect how your employees work, and how your clients perceive your business. The design of your office space should fit your company’s brand and the values that come along with that. 

While the design and look of the office are extremely important, it’s also worth considering how easy it will be to navigate. 

How Much Storage Facility Will You Require?

Every office needs adequate storage facilities, so this is another thing you should take into account. You should also consider what you’ll be storing, from documents to physical products, you’ll need to assign enough space for everything. At Doity, we can install Camshelving units for storage purposes which are extremely useful for computer products as they have impressive anti-static qualities. 

Call The Experts at Doity

If you’re looking to convert your warehouse into an office space with a mezzanine, get in touch with our friendly team. We’ll be more than happy to help you with your enquiry. Our team of experts have developed the UK’s only modular mezzanine floors which are designed to provide optimal space increases, with maximum load-capacity, in a fast and cost-effective way. Get in touch with our team today, by calling us on 01706646971 or by filling in our online contact form.

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If you’re considering a mezzanine floor for your premises, get in touch with the team here at Doity Engineering. Our team are more than happy to discuss our products and solutions with you.

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