How Does an Office Relocation Benefit Your Business?

The majority of businesses have relatively humble beginnings. At one point or another, every business owner will have set up camp in a small, confined space and called it HQ, but a time will come when it is time to say goodbye to your companies first home and upgrade. Although an office relocation is becoming increasingly common for businesses in their earliest stages, how does upgrading your workspace benefit your company?

In their latest blog post, Doity Engineering Ltd analyse how an office relocation project can take your business to new heights, and outline everything a business owner needs to consider before upgrading.

Before You Relocate

Upgrading your office is not just as simple as packing all your stationery up into boxes and moving into your nice, new office. Unfortunately, there are a number of processes to consider, as well as funding solutions and other important aspects of moving. The following is a breakdown of the most essential parts of an office relocation project to consider before you put the wheels in motion:

1. Funding Solutions

Unlike moving house, commercial properties are subject to VAT, an element of an office relocation that regularly stumps business owners at the last hurdle. Fortunately, there are a number of companies that offer VAT bridging loans, so you are able to fund the final part of your move without crippling yourself. If you are thinking of relocating, be sure to bear this in mind.

2. Location

As the name suggests, a relocation needs to take into account where you will be moving to. Maybe you want to be closer to your clients? Or you wish to have a central location with good transport links for your staff? Whatever you choose, it is important to research the commercial property prices of that area and research the area to ensure it has everything your company will need.

3. Timing

Before any important business move, it is important to analyse the decision from an objective point of view. Can you afford to relocate? Is it the right time for your business? It is important to review every aspect of your business and to only take the leap if the move has the best possible chance of paying off for you and your business. An office relocation project can, at times, be stressful and long-winded, so make sure it is 100% the right decision before subjecting yourself to a move.

Now we have outlined the things to consider before upgrading your office space, let us take a look at how an office relocation can benefit yourself, your business and your staff.

1. Cope with Business Growth

If you have found that your current space is becoming cluttered with products and materials and that your staff are feeling cramped and confined, then it may be time to upgrade your space. Moving to a bigger, more open space will allow you to organise every aspect of your business better, and your staff will feel comfortable and more at ease, resulting in an immediate increase in productivity and performance. In the earliest stages, your business will be in a stage of consistent growth, and upgrading your office and accommodating for every aspect of your business will allow you to accelerate that growth.

2. Healthier Environment

We have just spoken about how a healthy environment can increase the productivity and performance of your staff, and that can be seen from the mounds of industry research into productivity. Studies have shown that offices with ample room for each employee, combined with natural light sources and green elements, have a much better rate of productivity than confined offices with artificial light. If your current office is beginning to conform with the second of these two office types, then to increase productivity and your businesses development, it may be worthwhile embarking on an office relocation project.

3. Save Money

Despite the need for VAT bridging loans and stumping up the upfront costs for your new commercial property, office relocation projects allow you to start fresh with your business. Upgrading your office provides the perfect time to review all of your ingoings and outgoings, allowing you to assess your accounts and decide on what you need to spend and where you can save a few extra pennies. The process of reviewing the ins and outs of your business will shed light on where you have been wasting money over the last few years, and with a new office on the horizon, an office relocation project will help you determine where that money will be more beneficial.

4. Build an Identity

Office relocation projects give you a blank canvas to work from, and with your new office, you can make your new workspace into your very own central hub of operations. With more space to play with, you can give more thought to the type of office environment you want to create and you will be able to design your office from top to bottom. Whether you want to omit a fun, quirky, startup vibe across your office, or opt for the traditional and professional office environment, with a new office, the choice is yours.

5. Choose Your Area

As previously mentioned, opting for an office relocation project allows you to choose where you want your business to be based. By being located in an area that is perfectly suited to your business, your staff and your clients, life in your new home will be much more comfortable, allowing your business to grow from strength to strength. Location and proximity are one of the most important aspects of any relocation, so choose your new office wisely and ensure your new area has everything your business needs in order to be successful.

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