Choosing the Right Flooring for a Warehouse Mezzanine

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Choosing the Right Flooring for a Warehouse Mezzanine

It’s no secret that mezzanines are the most versatile way to increase floor space in your warehouse. When designing your mezzanine, a Doity engineer will consider a range of factors like size, shape, access type and flooring to ensure it perfectly meets the needs of your business. We’re going to focus on the latter in this help guide – mezzanine flooring. With so many choices, it’s important to understand the benefits that each of them brings to your industrial space. 

  • Steel Sheeting
  • GRP Grating 
  • 38mm Particle Board 
  • Resin 

Steel sheet flooring for mezzanines

Steel sheeting is a popular flooring choice for warehouse mezzanines due to its durability and strength, which helps it withstand heavy loads and high foot traffic. Steel sheets are textured for enhanced grip and are naturally corrosion and fire-resistant. The material is lightweight, inexpensive and can be installed quickly and easily. Another benefit of the low-maintenance material is that it can be easily customised to fit specific sizes and shapes, making it a flexible option for warehouse mezzanine designs.

GRP (Glass Reinforced Plastic) Grating flooring for mezzanines

GRP grating shares the same benefits of strength and durability as steel sheets, but has a few benefits of its own. It allows for air and light to pass through, which can help improve air circulation and lighting in the warehouse. This feature can be particularly useful in areas that require good airflow to keep products or equipment dry, or for warehouses that require natural lighting to save energy costs. It’s easy to install, and its modular design allows for easy customisation for all warehouse mezzanine designs. 

38mm particle board flooring for mezzanines

38mm Particle Board is a good flooring choice for warehouse mezzanines due to its affordability, low weight and flexibility. It’s durable and at a lower cost, making it a popular floor type for mezzanines and can handle heavy loads and high foot traffic. 38mm particle board is also a good option for noise reduction as it naturally absorbs sound, creating a quieter and more comfortable work environment. 

Resin flooring for mezzanines

Resin flooring is made from a combination of synthetic materials that are highly resistant to chemicals and other harsh substances commonly found in industrial settings. It’s also highly durable and can withstand heavy loads and foot traffic without showing signs of wear and tear. Its non-porous construction makes it easy to clean and maintain and provides a hygienic option that is suitable for food and beverage storage areas. 

How to choose the right flooring for a mezzanine

Still wondering what type of flooring is best for your mezzanine? The trick is to speak to an expert. At Doity, our engineers draw on their decades of experience to help guide you through the process. We offer free site consultations to businesses in the UK and take care of everything from design and regulations to installation. Contact us today and discover how our unique Revlok mezzanines can save time and money on your industrial mezzanine installation. 

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