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10 Advantages of Industrial Mezzanine Floors

Thinking about expanding your warehouse? An industrial mezzanine floor is a perfect choice. We’ve covered all of the key advantages that modular mezzanines offer, including both the financial and logistical benefits that they can bring to your business.

1. Increases space utilisation

The beauty of a mezzanine floor is that it allows you to expand into unused space that is already yours. With warehouse space at a premium for growing businesses such as eCommerce retailers, expanding upwards instead of outwards makes perfect sense. A well-designed mezzanine can increase floor space by up to 100%.

2. Cost-effective

Mezzanine floors offer a budget-friendly alternative to other expansion options such as building a second floor, moving to a larger site or acquiring a secondary warehouse. The affordable cost of materials and straightforward planning help save you capital and time.

3. Planning permission help

Mezzanine floors are required to conform to Building Regulations. To make that process simple and easy, it’s a good idea to use an experienced company like Doity that will perform a free site survey and ensure full legal compliance when designing the structure so you don’t have to worry.

4. Versatile and bespoke

Mezzanine designs, such as Doity’s unique Revlok modular system, provide a completely versatile space that can be adapted to all manner of functions. From office space and break areas to packing areas and overflow racking, your industrial mezzanine can be designed to meet the specific needs of your business.

5. Enables expansion without relocation

When your business begins to outgrow its existing space, be it due to the number of staff on-site or the amount of storage required for stock, you may find yourself giving serious thought to relocating or taking on a secondary site. This comes with both financial and logistical challenges, which can be prevented by the cost-and-time-effective installation of a mezzanine.

6. Dismountable and relocatable

If your business continues to expand and you eventually do need to move to larger premises, your mezzanine floor can be dismantled and relocated to your new site. Even if the configuration of the new warehouse is completely different, modular designs such as Doity’s unique Revlok system make it easy to adapt your existing mezzanine to its new space. The Revlok mezzanine floor manufacturing process utilises cold-rolled steel sections which are much lighter and easier to manoeuvre than traditional rolled steel joists.

7. Quick installation

The ease of planning and simple yet effective design makes mezzanine installation a much quicker process than other warehouse expansion options. Using the modular mezzanine system, Revlok, the Doity team are able to install mezzanines in as little as 50% of the time that would be involved in traditional construction.

8. Eases congestion

High traffic areas are part and parcel of a busy business. That said, sometimes the need for quieter space is clear. A mezzanine can fulfil this need by creating an elevated area that’s free from moving machinery like forklifts. This can help reduce the risk of workplace accidents and improve productivity, giving your employees the space they need to perform their tasks.

9. Integration with machinery

The adaptability of a mezzanine floor means it can be designed with the integration of key machinery. For example, a pallet gate or lift can be installed for easy manoeuvring between floors.

10. Free site survey by Doity

While you’re busy growing your business, our expert team can be busy surveying your site and designing the perfect mezzanine floor for your warehouse. This is a free, no-obligation service that can be used to give you valuable insight into how you can unlock underused space to expand your business. We offer expert surveying and installation anywhere in the UK. Get in touch online or call us on 01706 646971 to find out more about our Revlok mezzanine floor services.

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If you’re considering a mezzanine floor for your premises, get in touch with the team here at Doity Engineering. Our team are more than happy to discuss our products and solutions with you.

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