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Improve Office Appeal with These Layout and Design Tips

Office attendance rates in the UK are growing as many workers opt, voluntarily or otherwise, to spend more time at work and less time working from home. While hybrid working is still the norm for now, businesses such as Tesla have introduced a 100% office work policy, and others are beginning to follow suit. So how can you make the office a better environment for your workers? These tips will give you some inspiration on how to make your office a place where people want to come to work. We aren’t talking expensive redesigns or relocations, just affordable yet noticeable changes that will help improve productivity and attendance rates at your place of work.

Improve office soundproofing with furniture and decorations

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When working from home was the norm, many of your employees would have gotten used to working in a quiet environment. As more and more people make their way back into the office, it’s essential to help keep things peaceful. Acoustic panels and furniture is a quick and affordable option that comes in all shapes and sizes to suit your office. Commonly used in theatres, studios, churches and cinemas, they work by absorbing sound to prevent echoing and reverberation, leaving you with crisp, clear sound and less distracting noise.

Open up the space with glass meeting rooms

glass meeting room

Glass meeting rooms come with a host of benefits. They promote mood-boosting natural light in the office, make it easier for your employees to see whether a room is occupied and they open up the space and make it appear larger. Meetings will no longer feel cramped and claustrophobic. You can also boost privacy and give your office a sleek look by adding frosted banners with your company logo cut out through the middle.

Introduce breakout areas for better collaboration

breakout room

Give your employees an area to be social and collaborative with a breakout area designed to provide a more relaxed setting for quick catchups and conversations. It will create a more comfortable environment and help reduce distractions for colleagues by moving employees away from their desks when having an informal meeting. It may also help free up meeting room space, which is vital for offices running near to full capacity.

Choose your layout with a purpose

office layout

There are five common office layouts, and each one comes with its own set of strengths and weaknesses. You should carefully consider whether your current office layout is the best set-up for your team.

● Cubicle Office Layout | Best for improving privacy and reducing distraction. Bad for interaction and collaboration. Suited to high-focus environments

● Open Office Layout | single tables with little or no partitions between desks improve communication and maximise space, however they don’t offer much privacy and can be distracting. Suited to creative and collaborative teams.

● Hot Desking Layout | Some businesses take the open-plan layout one step further by not assigning a person to a desk. This can improve versatility and allows colleagues to work alongside relevant colleagues on a day-by-day basis. It’s perfectly suited to creative environments where communication is key.

● Team-Cluster Office Layout | Improves teamwork and collaboration without the distraction of other teams. Suited to businesses with varied operations in small teams.

● Hybrid Office Layout | A mixture of the above can often work best for large offices with separate teams requiring different working environments

Maximise floor space with a mezzanine

office meeting room mezzanine

Not only do they help boost floorspace and help prevent costly and disruptive office moves, mezzanines are also great for improving your employee’s happiness at work. For example, they can create a distinction between focus areas and breakout areas, meaning your workers can ditch eating lunch at the desk with one eye on their sandwich and another eye on their emails. At doity, we are specialists in mezzanine design and installation and we are happy to give free consultations on how UK businesses can maximise the use of any warehouse space. You might be surprised how quick and affordable they are, especially when using our unique Revlok design which can cut installation time by half!

If you’d like to find out whether an office mezzanine floor may be the right choice for you, get in touch with our team or give us a call on 01706646971.

Improve employee health with adaptable standing desks

standing desk

A traditional standing desk allows your employees to stand up comfortably while working instead of being sat down. However, modern standing desks are adjustable, meaning your colleagues can alter the height of the desk and switch between sitting and standing. They are said to improve posture, reduce aches and pains and also help with digestion after eating and drinking, such as during lunchtime. Giving your employees the choice to sit or stand is a great way to show them that you care for their health and well-being.

Welcome in nature with office plants

office with plants

Ever heard of biophilia? Top marks if you have. If not, it’s easily defined as “a response to the inherent need of human beings to be in contact with nature”. Introducing plants to the office will quite literally breathe new life into it, helping to brighten your employees’ mood, improve air quality and make the office a much nicer environment to be in.

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If you’re considering a mezzanine floor for your premises, get in touch with the team here at Doity Engineering. Our team are more than happy to discuss our products and solutions with you.

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