Expanding a Retail Space With a Mezzanine Floor

Expanding a Retail Space With a Mezzanine Floor

In the world of retail, space is a precious commodity. Every square foot counts when it comes to displaying products, accommodating customers and ensuring a smooth shopping experience. But when a business is ready to expand, business owners are faced with the expense and risk of a relocation. Or are they? At Doity we are specialists in installing mezzanine floors for shops and customer-facing spaces. Here’s why successful commercial businesses use mezzanine floors to help them maximise space.

Why are mezzanine floors popular in retail?

They are a cost-effective way to expand retail space

The biggest advantage of a mezzanine is that it can increase the floor space in your current shop. Rental costs are at a high currently, with rates for retail spaces expected to rise year on year until 2027 according to Statista. By installing a mezzanine you can swerve the expense and upheaval of relocating by maximising the useable space in your current unit.

They can be installed in a variety of different buildings, regardless of size or shape.

Mezzanines are typically supported by columns or beams that are anchored to the existing structure. This means they can be tailored to the size and shape of your retail space. It also means that you’re much more likely to get permission from the building owner to carry out the work if you don’t own the property.

They make a retail unit more interesting

Besides having more space to stock your goods, a shop on two levels is eye-catching and encourages customers to spend more time browsing. It also allows you to change your layout and add new services. For example, a clothing shop may wish to create a separate mezzanine area for footwear, or a skincare business may wish to start offering treatments such as facials in a separate salon area.

They are quick to install

A mezzanine is the quickest and most effective way to expand a retail unit. If you choose to work with Doity, our unique Revlok system removes the need for nuts and bolts which can speed up installation times by up to 50%, minimising the disruption to your business.

What to consider when installing a mezzanine floor in retail?

Customer flow and accessibility

When designing a mezzanine floor for your retail space, prioritise customer flow and accessibility. Ensure that shoppers can move around easily and that there are no bottlenecks or obstacles. You must also provide lift access for wheelchair users.

Visual aesthetics

Your mezzanine should seamlessly blend with your store’s overall design. Aesthetics matter in retail, so make sure your mezzanine enhances the look and feel of your space. This comes down to the choice of materials and branding elements that your chosen mezzanine installer uses.

Safety and Compliance

Safety should always be a top priority. When installing a mezzanine floor in your retail space, make sure it complies with all safety regulations and standards to protect both your customers and employees. A specialist mezzanine company like Doity Engineering will lead on this side of the project.

Case Study: A Successful Retail Expansion For Ellis Brigham

Doity recently completed a retail expansion of a store at the Coal Drops Yard development in Kings Cross, London. Ellis Brigham Mountain Sports Group acquired a prime position in the development for their ‘Outsiders Store’ brand and immediately identified a need for a mezzanine floor to hold stock. Their first call was to Doity Engineering, as we had completed successful installations at many of their other stores and warehouses in the past. Along with the architects, Doity provided a design that was approved by the landlords and put into production. You can read more about the project on our case studies page. Here’s what Robert Brigham, Managing Director of Ellis Brigham Mountain Sports Group had to say about Doity’s work.


“Having used Doity Engineering for several projects, including retail outlets around the country we knew their Revlok mezzanine floor would be ideal for our new London store at Coal Drops Yard. The team at Doity Engineering delivered the project to a very high standard, on time and within budget and we will definitely use them again in the future.”


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