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Mezzanine Floors Birmingham

Since 1956, Doity Engineering has been specialising in engineering and designing Mezzanine floors in Birmingham. Using our decades of experience, we’ve developed the UK’s only modular mezzanine floor that has LABC certification. 

Our team of specialist engineers work throughout Birmingham to design and install high-quality mezzanine floors. Using our modular mezzanine system, Revlok, our team are able to install mezzanines in as little as 50% of the time that would be involved in traditional construction. 

Suppliers of High-Quality Mezzanines in Birmingham

As well as boasting reduced installation times, we’re also proud to say that we are ISO 9001 registered and all of our products carry CE markings. When you work with the team here at Doity Engineering, you know you’re working with a mezzanine floor supplier that you can trust and rely on.

Mezzanine Floor Design

Each mezzanine floor that we install starts with a free no-obligation site survey. Our engineers will visit your site to discuss your requirements and your intended application to ensure that we design a mezzanine that will suit your needs. Using all of the information we’ve gained, we’ll provide you with detailed CAD-based drawings that can be used for building regulations approval, if required. We’ll also detail considerations such as load capacity and additional features that you require. 

engineers planning a mezzanine floor in Birmingham

UK-Based Mezzanine Floor Manufacturers

Once the design of your mezzanine floor has been signed off, we’ll set to work manufacturing the components of your mezzanine. The Revlok mezzanine floor manufacturing process utilises cold-rolled steel sections, which are much lighter and easier to manoeuvre than traditional rolled steel joists. In addition, our mezzanines are manufactured in a way that allows us to utilise a keyhole locking system, removing the needs for nuts and bolts. 

By manufacturing our own mezzanine floors, we’re able to reduce the variables that you may experience when dealing with a company that outsources this aspect. This gives us full visibility over timelines and progress to ensure that our customer service and communication is unparalleled. 

Mezzanine Floor Construction Birmingham

The final stage in the journey of getting a mezzanine floor added to your premises is its construction. Our team works across Birmingham, installing mezzanine floors in a variety of settings, including warehouses, retail units and offices

Thanks for the revolutionary techniques we use in the design and manufacture of your mezzanine, our team are able to construct your mezzanine in a fraction of the time used in a traditional nut and bolt system. The cold-rolled steel sections and the keyhole locking system that we utilise means that construction can typically be undertaken by two fitters with the use of podium steps. This allows us to dramatically reduce the disruption that alternative mezzanine floor construction causes to your business. 


mezzanine floor in construction

Request A No-Obligation Site Survey

If you’re considering a mezzanine floor for your premises, get in touch with the team here at Doity Engineering. Our team are more than happy to discuss our products and solutions with you. Contact us on 01706 646 971 or fill out our contact form.


mezzanine floor Birmingham
retail mezzanine floor completed by Doity
floor finished on a mezzanine
construction of a mezzanine floor