Stanley Services

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Falkland Islands

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Revlok Mezzanine Floor

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Stanley Services are a vital operation in the Falkland Islands, ensuring competitive fuel is readily available to the residents and fishing fleets that operate in and around the island's waters. In addition, there is a large retail and white goods market, which requires considerable stock holding. Having supplied a mezzanine floor to Stanley Services in 2015, Ian Thompson had no hesitation in contacting Doity Engineering to discuss the possible supply of a second floor. Plans were drawn up, sent and approved by the client, and fabrication began approximately 8000 miles away in Rochdale. The mezzanine floor was erected at the workshop in Rochdale to check for any imperfections in the build as the client was installing themselves, an option taken on most overseas projects. Once packed and ready for shipping, the mezzanine floor and all its ancillary components were loaded carefully into a container with a suitable load plan and shipped to Port Stanley.