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Revlok Mezzanine Floor

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The customer “Adam Spencer” owner of HDTWO contacted Doity Engineering for a mezzanine floor quotation, the customer got in contact with us from a recommendation from a company called “Excel Manufacturing”, (who we have previously installed two mezzanine floors ). HDTWO are a photography studio that had outgrown its current space. We did two site visits as the customer wasn’t sure what they wanted/needed. With the help of some CAD drawings we had provided showing the building and proposed mezzanine layout (to scale), we came up with a mezzanine floor that suited all their needs. The design included utilising their existing above office area. Complete fire protection (as this was going to be a working platform) One part K, and one part M compliant staircase. The protected escape corridor was installed by the customer, using the design we had provided (as they build all their own photography sets). The mezzanine was installed within two weeks.