Welcome to Store-It Direct. The only catalogue you need for industrial and commercial storage and handling equipment. Inside you will find storage solutions to suit all types of environments and businesses.

Quality Products

Everything you buy from the catalogue is guaranteed for a minimum of one year. If during this time a fault develops it will either be replaced free of charge, repaired or your money refunded in full.
In Stock Products Delivered in 5 working days
Most products shown in the catalogue will be delivered to you within 5 working days. If not you will be advised at the time of ordering.
Payment & Delivery
Prices are exclusive of VAT and delivery. Delivery is calculated at 10% of order value or GBP 10 minimum.  Minimum Order Charge is GBP 100 excluding VAT and not including delivery charges.
Free Advice
If you are not sure what you need or can't find a particular product, call us - we're here to help. (We will also provide free technical support and a free site visit to discuss your requirements)

The new Direct range of Industrial and Commercial Storage and Handling Equipment is now available. You can obtain a copy of the catalogue by sending us your request via the Contact page.  If you already have a catalogue, you can call us on 01706 646971 to place your order now!
Equipment Available from the Catalogue
Standard Duty
Heavy Duty
Galvanised Shelving
Medium Duty
Reel Racks
Tyre Racks
Kwik Rack
Wide Span Shelving
Pallet Racking
Pallet Trucks
Bar & Sheet Racks
Shelf Plan Shelving
Steps & Ladders
Fusion Shelving
Chrome Shelving
Lever Arch Storage
Medium Duty Shelving
Combi Rack
Really Useful Storage
Really Useful Boxes
Document Storage
Economy Document Storage
Archive Storage


Lockable Bin Cupboards
Budget Bin Cupboards
Budget Bin Bays
Premium Bin Bays
Cardboard Bin Bays
Component Storage Bins
Louvre Panel Bin Storage
Workshop Work Benches
Modular Workstations
Packing Stations
Lockers Metal Lockers
Handling Sack Trucks
Platform Trucks
Pallet Trucks
Special Information
Two Tier Racking Systems
Mesh Partitioning
Storage System Design
Cantilever Racking
Warehouse Layouts
Pallet Racking
Mezzanine Floors
This list is to give you an idea of the type of products available.  If you cannot find it here but find something similar, it may be available.  Please contact us to discuss.
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