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1. Columns   2. Stairs   3. Handrail   4. Main Support Beams   5. Secondary Support Beams   6. Cross Bracing   7. Knee Bracing   8. Decking

We provide a Free Site Survey and Quotation within the UK* by our team of Professional Surveyors.

Finance Available on all Revlok Mezzanine Mezzanine Floor Systems.  Please contact us for further details.

For More Information on our Revlok Mezzanine Floor System, Please visit our dedicated website
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Doity specialises in the production of Revlok Mezzanine mezzanine floors. This is the only modular mezzanine floor system in the UK with LABC accreditation. From UK Warehouses to International Airports, Revlok Mezzanine mezzanine floors create an ideal platform for optimum floor space and storage capacity, transforming unused spaces into a valuable asset.

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Revlok Assembly
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Here at Doity, we call Revlok Mezzanine a revolution in flooring, A system so different and simple in concept that it floors the opposition.

No other raised storage platform can compare with Revlok Mezzanine which not only provides storage floors, but also walkways and staircases.

Revlok Mezzanine mezzanine flooring transforms unused space into a valuable asset.

Quick and easy to construct, Revlok Mezzanine is a cost effective way of providing additional raised floors for storage, office accommodation and workspace.

The modular interlocking system is of proven strength and dependability and eliminates the use of nuts and bolts. Revlok Mezzanine is designed and manufactured to meet the highest of British Engineering Standards. This Mezzanine Flooring System consists of columns, main beams and clip-on secondary beams.

The strength and simplicity of its components makes this a raised storage platform that is easy to construct. Whatever the shape or size of your mezzanine, it usually requires no more than three of our fitters. Revlok Mezzanine can be erected in only half the time it takes to build a conventional mezzanine floor. Easy to follow self assembly instructions are available if required.

Relocating is no longer a problem. Revlok Mezzanine provides a flexible flooring solution. It can be quickly extended or dismantled to be re-erected at a different location. In providing this quality and versatility of mezzanine platforms, Revlok Mezzanine has revolutionised space saving solutions.

LABC CERTIFICATION denotes an Accreditation at Local and National Council Authority Levels and complies with the criteria for Building Regulation Approvals for Revlok Mezzanine Mezzanine Constructions.

Please take a look at our slideshows (located under the Revlok Mezzanine logo at the top left of this page) to see how Revlok Mezzanine can benefit you. You will need Flash Player on your computer and a source of Sound Output to hear the voice-over commentary.  You can also read our testimonials by clicking here.

For More Information on our Revlok Mezzanine Floor System, Please visit our dedicated website
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